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Aug 14

Mega Marketing For Mega Money Part 4

Posted on Monday, August 14, 2017 in Burgers

Submitted by: Stan Billue

You can have a great Product or Service however if you keep it a secret, there won t be any Sales. Of course the missing part of the puzzle is always Marketing. Many people in Business feel that Marketing is an expense that can t afford. Nothing could be further from the truth and in this series of Articles I ll cover many ways to market your Product and/or Service for little or no money.

[19] Sub-Conscious Computer:

We all have the greatest Computer in the World, our Sub-Conscious Mind. You can give it instructions to do something and then allow it to do it s magic. Ever tried to remember the name of a Movie and the name comes to you in the middle of the night? You can tell it to come up with 5 new Marketing Headlines by next Saturday and then get out of your own way and allow it to do it s thing. It always comes up with the answers you need.

[20] Don t forget the Sales Training:

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A friend recently asked me to Mentor his Daughter who works for a major Telecommunications Company with dozens of Call Centers with thousands of Sales Reps. I was amazed at how lost she was regarding her Sales skills and the Sales process. They put her through 6 weeks of Product knowledge and only 2 days of Sales Training. When I offered to critique her Script or Call Guide, she admitted they didn’t even have one. When I asked about on-going Training she admitted that her Manager was buried in Reports and Meetings and couldn’t spend any time with the Reps. It seems that most Companies hire Sales Reps and assume they already know how to sell. Don t waste money on Advertising and Marketing if your people can t Close a spring loaded Storm Door.

[21] Use Familiar Sayings:

Your Prospects and Customers are bombarded with hundreds of Ads on a daily basis and your Marketing needs to stand out from the crowd. Why not use a Familiar Saying that most people already know to grab their attention? Remember the old adage; “When Pigs Fly”? Burger King has adapted that to introduce their new Bar-B-Q Bites.

[22] Reward Card or Frequent Buyer Program:

Reward Customer loyalty with a Reward Card which gets punched (or keep track electronically) with each Purchase and when your Customer buys 5 or 10 or 20 items, they might get 1 free. If that doesn’t fit your budget, you might give them a 20% discount on their next purchase when they buy a specific amount. Or you could give them a free accessory with the purchase of a larger item, etc.

[23] Social Networking:

Facebook has over 200 million Members. You Tube visitors watch 13 Billion Videos a month. Linkedin has 15 Million Business people networking. Twitter is growing at over 40% per month. So what’s your excuse for not using these Free Promotional tools to help build your creditability, your reputation, your List of Prospects and yes, even your Sales? For those who believe you are too small, this is how you become Big. For those who believe you can’t afford it, you can’t afford not to do it. For those who believe you just don’t need it, your Competition will eat you for Lunch.

[24] Piggy Back your Press Release:

Here s a great way to get more bang for you buck with Press Releases. The original Press Release should provide information about the upcoming Event. Next, put out a follow-up Release a few days, weeks or months later about the success of that Event. Finally, send a nice Letter to the Editor thanking them for their coverage both before and after. Of course, in that Letter you can also plant the idea for a possible interview for a Human Interest Story or a Trend Setting Idea or a Series of Tips for their Readers, etc.

About the Author: For over 20 years Stan Billue traveled the World conducting up to 22 Motivational Speaking and Sales Training engagements a month, his powerful Audio, Video and Printed Training materials are sold in 45 Countries and he s credited with training more 6 and 7 figure a year Income earning Sales Pros than any other Trainer. During the last 10 years he s become recognized as an expert in the Marketing arena. Although Stan no longer travels, he continues to Consult and Mentor a select group of Top Sales Pros and Industry leading Companies by phone. You can visit

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