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Nov 20

How Not To Stress Over Finding Your Mother Of The Bride Dress

Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2016 in Jewellery

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By Audrey Cheong

Your daughters wedding is announced. She has butterflies in her stomach and one thousand and one things to do. Her butterflies becomes yours and your thoughts are racing just like hers. You, as her mother, will help her plan her dream wedding, just like your mother planned yours. At the back of your mindWhat am I going to wear? Will I look just as beautiful as my daughter on her wedding day? So many people are going to be looking at me as well.

Fret no more. Here are the RULES but like all rules, they may be broken or should I say improvised and revised to suit you. I say.whatever makes you and/or your daughter happy!

1. Confer with your daughter. She will come up with a color scheme for her wedding.

2. Ask her whether she wants the color of your dress to complement her wedding color/colors or almost match it. Examples of complementary colors to a red color theme is burgundy, wine, claret red, dark pink, and purple. As for a match, it would certainly be difficult to have an exact match of the colors, as your dress will be of a different manufacturer, style, fabric, and dye. So, do not stress over this.

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3. You, as the mother of the bride, will decide on a color or colors, after consulting your daughter. Suggest to her to be flexible on the choice of colorsperhaps two or three choices would be great. Mother of the bride dresses are not made like bridesmaid dresses, the latter being preordered and tailored months ahead of time for the occasion. Shopping for a mother of the bride dress can be a headache and nightmare rolled into one, especially for the plus size woman or if you live in a rural city.

4. Do not forget to involve the mother of the groom. After you have an idea of what color you would or should be wearing, inform her. She will definitely appreciate that as she will be in a panic mode as well, going through the same motions as you will soon be, looking for that perfect mothers dress.

5. Shop as soon as you can. Finding YOUR dress is important too. Understand that you are shopping for a specific style that you like and look great in, a specific color, and then a specific size. Then, you will need to allow sufficient time for professional tailoring of the dress, to get it to fit just right! Also, what about the accessories like shoes and jewelry? You will be surprised how many ladies come to my online store hoping to find their dress within a WEEK of the wedding!

6. Shop bridal or department stores first. You can get a first hand look at the styles out there and the type and quality of fabrics. Do not ignore online formal wear stores. Visiting an online store is easy and stress free as they are sources of good ideas of what you would like to wear on that special day.

7. Take care of yourself in these nerve-wrecking times of preparation. Remember, you need to look good as well, although it is your daughters wedding.

8. Now, sit back and relax. You have found your most perfect mother of the bride dress and have a few more weeks to spare. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

About the Author: Audrey Cheong in the owner of an online bridal store specializing in mother of the bride dresses and other formal special occasion gowns in petite and plus sizes. Visit her store at


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Mar 29

Bridesmaid Bible: Knowing The Essentials Of The Bridesmaid Role And Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in Jewellery

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Submitted by: Sarrah Beaumont

The role of the bridesmaid has evolved through the years. In the olden times, their responsibilities could go to the extremes, of fending off evil spirits that are present during the wedding. These ill-mannered spirits are said to be administering hexes on the couple. Today, bridesmaid roles no longer have to turn into such a life-threatening twist. They simply have to don on their bridesmaid dresses and bear witness to the ceremony.

Know what s expected of you

To become the best bridesmaid, you must know the nitty-gritty of your role. The couple did not spend money on bridesmaid dresses just so you can stand there and do nothing. If nobody has oriented you of your exact role yet, then ask around. Ask your friends or research the Internet perhaps.

Your usual roles include witnessing the ceremony, helping the bride on some minor errands and providing her with whatever support that she needs. While the maid of honor normally does all these stuff, it doesn t hurt to give out a hand. After all, these are what your bridesmaid dresses are for.

Dress for the Occasion

There are times when the couple is really out of budget. When you happen to be chosen as one of their bridesmaids, have the heart to spend a little. You can even take it upon yourself to personally spend for your bridesmaid dress. There are a number of inexpensive bridesmaid dresses that you can choose from.

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So that your pocket would not feel the pressure, why don t you choose a dress that can be used for other dressy occasions? This way, you are hitting two birds with one stone. Of course, being a bridesmaid, you have an excuse to buy a new dress! Just remember to keep it simple though. Go with the wedding motif and try not to be out of place.


Simple bridesmaid dresses can be made more appealing and more fabulous if you take on your creative hat and use accessories. If the couple can provide you with the said accessories, the better. Otherwise, you can always shop for inexpensive bridesmaid jewelry. There are also various online bridal shops that cater to this kind of product.

Do your part

There s nothing more responsible — and more gratifying to the couple — than by keeping your end of the bargain. As they have provided the bridesmaid dresses, then it s on you to carry out the role. Usher the guests, provide customer service and take care of the tiny little tasks that need immediate attention. While these responsibilities would be very minute, still, you are taking some weight off the bride s shoulders.

Being a bridesmaid is no ordinary role. Some people get anxious walking down the aisle with a lot of watchful eyes on them. The pressure becomes more pronounced because they are wearing bridesmaid dresses and wearing high heels.

Therefore, to appease yourself, it s important that you know what s expected of you when you take on that role. This is perhaps the best way that you can repay the couple for spending on those fabulous bridesmaid dresses.

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Apr 14

How To Identify Gold Jewelry

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 in Jewellery

How to Identify Gold Jewelry



There are some types which are easy to confuse with gold jewelry and usually dazzled people, such as the plated gold jewelry, leaf-gilding jewelry, copper jewelry or some other copper alloy ornaments. If we could not distinguish them clear, we may make a bad bargain.

Gold-plated jewelry: It is a kind of jewelry that needs to be coated with a layer of gold on the surface of other metal jewelry under the

electroplating technique. The color is so similar with the real gold jewelry that difficult to identify when they are new. However, gold-

plated jewelry are light in weight, hard in texture, color-changed for long time and there is no marks after biting. Some jewelry with bad

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electroplating will look red or white.

Leaf-gilding jewelry: They are wrapped with 24K or 22K gold foil on the surf of other metal jewelry (If the foil’s K number is too low, it

will have poor flexibility.) This kind of jewelry is bright and difficult to fade so that they are more similar with real gold jewelry. But we could distinguish them from a closer look, like depression part or back, etc where the foils are irregularity. For example, if there is a broken connector, we could see this section the jewelry with yellow outside and white inner. Besides, leaf-gilding jewelry are also lighter in weight and harder than gold jewelry, so there will be not easy to leave marks after biting and bend.

Copper Jewelry: This kind of jewelry is yellow inclining to red, shiny dark, soft texture and light weight.

Copper alloy jewelry: Its color is white, and it will be fade after long time wearing. (This kind of jewelry may make people’s skin change


No matter which kind of jewelry, gold-plated, copper jewelry or others, they are generally not sign as well as the gold jewelry, or the sign is different from gold jewelry’s sign, such as some may engrave with letters “GK” which means “gold-plated”. So we customers should adopt to identify jewelry from these marks.

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Apr 5

Fun And Affordable Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015 in Jewellery

By Bridget Mora

The rehearsal dinner which follows the wedding rehearsal is an important part of wedding tradition, but that does not mean that it must be a traditional formal party. In fact, the rehearsal dinner can be as laid back as you like, which also means that you can throw a great party without a huge budget. These are some fun and affordable rehearsal dinner ideas.

Cookout on the beach. A top pick for summer rehearsal dinners, find a beach that allows you to grill, and host a relaxed cookout. Beach food is at its best when it is simple, so think hot dogs and hamburgers, that sort of thing. Best of all, if your party runs into the evening hours, you can have a bonfire and make s’mores. Way more fun than doing your rehearsal dinner in a stuffy hotel and really affordable. Just be sure to check about any permits needed for the bonfire. Wear a sundress and maybe one piece of your wedding jewelry, such as a classic tin cup necklace. A cardigan or wrap for the late night hours would also be a good idea.

Bowling. Yes, bowling. This is one of those ideas that is so out there it is almost trendy. A bowling alley rehearsal dinner is great for families who know how to relax and have a good time together. Bowling a few frames will also help to relieve the last minute wedding stress. To make it even more fun, get vintage bowling shirts for the wedding party or make up mock bowling league shirts that say “bride” and “groom”. Memorable and fun!

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Backyard bash. If you or your parents have a spacious backyard, why not have your rehearsal dinner there? Keep the menu easy, and serve the same types of things that you would for any summer barbeque: grilled chicken and burgers, macaroni and potato salad, fresh fruit, and a sweet treat like cupcakes. This can be one of the easiest rehearsal dinners of all to coordinate, as long as the host is not the type to go crazy about remaking the garden to get it “perfect” before the party.

Family style Italian restaurant. Everyone loves Italian food, and it is great for feeding a crowd. An Italian restaurant is a terrific rehearsal dinner idea when you want to have a more traditional type of rehearsal dinner, but still want one that is going to be relaxed and inexpensive. Many restaurants have private rooms which are perfect for hosting parties. The most affordable option is to order large platters of food to pass or to have a buffet style dinner.

If your local Italian restaurant only offers the regular type of service where guests order off a menu, ask if you can create a limited menu of starters and entrees especially for your rehearsal dinner. This will allow you to keep costs under control by selecting entrees within your price range, and it should make it easier for the restaurant to get the dinner out more quickly and efficiently. Order bottles of white and red wine for the table, rather than having guests order wine by the glass as another cost cutting measure. For an indoor rehearsal dinner, you can feel free to dress up a little more. A pretty dress worn with a great pair of shoes and jewelry like your wedding earrings will be just right.

When it comes to planning an affordable and enjoyable rehearsal dinner, let your creativity be your guide. The party can be as offbeat as you like. The point of a rehearsal dinner is to bring the bride and groom’s families and attendants together before the wedding, not to have a fancy or upscale evening. As long as the conversation is flowing, spirits will be high and everyone will have a great time!

About the Author: Bridget Mora writes for Silverland Jewelry about wedding planning, style, and society. The rehearsal dinner is a fun chance to wear some of your

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